Month: September 2014

Kidney Surgery Scheduled!

Kidney stone surgery is scheduled for Monday, September 15th! We have been awaiting this day for a long time. The kidney stones were discovered around October 2013. Because of the chemotherapy and weak immune system, the doctors at City of Hope installed a kidney stent to assist the kidney functions. The stones are quite large and couldn’t pass on their own. Now that my mom is healthier with more stable white blood cell, hemoglobin and platelet counts, will finally have them removed! The doctors at UCI believe that they may be able to remove them with wave technologies and no invasive surgery. This would be ideal. The doctor at City of Hope had discussed invasive surgery with us since they thought the stones were too large to remove with waves alone. UCI did tell us that there is a chance they may need to make a last minute decision about doing something more invasive if breaking up the stones with wave technology is not effective. We are optimistic!