Donor Lymphocyte Infusion Day!

IT IS MINI-TRANSPLANT DAY (aka Donor Lymphocyte Infusion)!!!

How I like to explain this infusion: There are two bad things going on right now. The bone marrow is broken so it makes bad white blood cells. So we are dealing with an evil army, and a broken factory that makes an evil army. The stem cell transplant in the past didn’t work to fix the broken factory, so now we’re taking a new strategy. Instead of doing all stem cells, we are extracting just the lymphocytes. These lymphocytes like the top notch seal team white blood cells. The one downside is that these fighters are so aggressive that sometimes they also fight other things like the liver and kidney and skin in the process. They’re not smart enough to always distinguish. Anyways, we are going to infuse the body with these aggressive good imported fighters, and they are going to attacked any leftover evil army, fix the broken, factory, and restore order to all!

A quick history: Since August 2013, we have done 7 rounds of chemo, 6 spinal taps with chemo, policy hacking to get blood samples sent from Vietnam, radiation, a stem cell transplant, kidney stone removal, and blood transfusions across 5 hospitals in 5 different cities. For a while, we celebrated while the Leukemia went a way and those bad guys disappeared. In February 2015, we found out they must have been hibernating because they came back in full force. We were told some dismal statistics, but healthcare data is super fuzzy (Precision Medicine is still the future) so we charged forward. Two more rounds of chemo later, another trip to America for my uncle to donate cells, and now we are ready to infuse them not my mom. Woo! We won’t focus on the fuzzy data around success rates, just the small victories that have allowed us to get to this point. As of today, she is strong, she is well, and ready for those new, good, lymphocyte white blood cells to go attack the bad, mutating cancer cells.

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  1. Jill Yee
    July 13, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Hi! I have been reading and keeping updated with your mother’s treatment. It is very similar to my husband. He is 44 years old and Chinese. We live in Fort Lauderdale Florida and we have two children. He was diagnosed with T-cell lympoblastic lymphoma stage II with B symptoms but not in his bone marrow on April 14, 2014. He had six rounds Hyper-CVAD at holy cross hospital. Then follow with an allogenic transplant from an unrelated donor from Asia with an 8 out of 8 match on October 16, 2014 at moffitt cancer center in Tampa Florida. Everything was going good until three months ago we went back for six month check up. And the CT scan showed a new lymph node but it was too small to do anything. But adjust immune support medications. And revaluate in three months. But since we returned from moffit my husband hasn’t been feeling well like nausea, no appetite, extremely tired, photosynthesis. Over this Fourth of July weekend my Husband started having chest pain we called moffitt. They recommend going to local ER. He had fluid around his heart and lungs. They drained the fluid from his lung and send for biopsy. We just got the results back last Wednesday it shows the lymphoma is back. Of course we are devastated after having a BMT. Tomorrow we are going back to moffitt to have a bone marrow biopsy and PET scan and meet with the lymphoma specialist. We have talked to our BMT doctor she said my husband will probably have more chemo then a donor lymphocytes infusion if available. My heart and prayers go to you and your family thru this difficult times. Thank you for sharing your mother’s treatment with us. If you have an advise or recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. I have called the national cancer institute about clinical trials and they are getting back to me. Thank you so much for any information. Jill Yee 954-675-4940,

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