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08/14/2013: Initial Diagnosis of Leukemia at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah, Georgia
08/15/2013: Chemo #1, Hyper CVAD A, St. Josephs Savannah
09/16/2013: Chemo #2, Hyper CVAD B, City of Hope
09/19/2013: Kidney Stent placed because of large 2cm kidney stone
10/14/2013: Chemo #3, Nelarabine, City of Hope
11/11/2013: Chemo #4, Nelarabine, City of Hope
01/03/2014: Kidney Stent replacement
01/20 – 01/24/2014: IMRT Radiation
01/25 – 01/28/2014: Etopside, Cyclophosphamide, Tacrolimus
01/30/2014: ALLOGENEIC STEM CELL TRANSPLANT from brother in Vietnam, 100% match
04/14/2014: CNS Prophylaxis #1
05/20/2014: CNS Prophylaxis #2
06/26/2014: CNS Prophylaxis #3
08/04/2014: CNS Prophylaxis #4
09/??/2014: CNS Prophylaxis #5
09/15/2014: Kidney Stone Removal Surgery – 2cm Stone!!!
10/06/2014: CNS Prophylaxis #6
02/09/2015: One Year Biopsy + Six Vaccinations
02/11/2015: Found out Leukemia Relapsed
02/12/2015: Admitted to UCI Emergency Room for difficulty breathing. Trachea closed and had to be intubated. Doctors and I believe it may have had to do with one of the Six vaccinations since that was the only deviation from everyday activities.
02/14/2015: Chemo #5, Nelarabine, UCI
03/05/2015: Met our new oncologist, Dr. Liedtke!
03/31/2015: Admitted to Stanford Inpatient for CALGB 9511 Chemotherapy Regimen
04/01/2015: Chemo #6, CALGB 9511, Stanford
04/01/2015: Intrathecal Chemotherapy, Lumbar Puncture, PICC Line
04/19/2015: Discarghed from Stanford Inpatient
04/30/2015: PICC line infection, picc line removal, start of IV vancomycin for 5 days
05/05/2014: Bone marrow biopsy
05/08/2015: News that biopsy results are clear!
5/15/2015: Chemo #7, CALGB 9511 modified, Stanford
07/09/2015: My uncle donated lymphocytes
07/10/2015: Donor Lymphocyte Infusion for Mama Pham!
08/24/2015: Recognition and treatment of Graft vs. Host Disease
11/20/2015: Emergency Room admission for chest pains. Tests were normal, discharged about 18 hours later.

05/2016: throat biopsy, tracheotomy tube, 5 doses of throat radiation

07/22/2016: Chemo liposomal vincristine via peripheral IV

07/27/2016: CNS prophylaxis with methotrexate chemo in spine

Dr. Grant Lewis from St. Josephs in Savannah, GA – Initial Diagnosis
Dr. Amandeep Salhotra from City of Hope in Duarte, CA – Chemo and Transplant
Dr. Madhavi Mummaneni from St. Josephs in Orange, CA – brief two-time visit
Dr. Deepa Jeyakumar from UCI in Irvine, CA- Local followup, bloodwork, chemotherapy when relapsed
Dr. Michaela Liedtke from Stanford Hematology in Palo Alto, CA
Dr. Wen-Kai Weng from Stanford Blood and Marrow Transplant, Palo Alto, CA

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