Hospital Admission Day!

Today, Mama Pham was admitted to Stanford Hospital’s F Pavilion to start CALGB 9511 with asparaginase, a more aggressive chemotherapy regimen than she has had in the past (Hyper CVAD, Nelarabine). If she responds well, the next step is Donor Lymphocyte Infusion. Her brother will be asked to come back to the U.S. So far, she has had the following:

  • Lumbar Puncture with methotrexate. The resident and fellow both tried to do her initial LP, poking her a few times, unsuccessfully. The Nurse Practitioner tried again the next day had much better success. Lesson learned: Nurse Practitioners rock!
  • Three doses of chemo: Vincristine, Daunorubicin, Cytoxan.
  • Prednisone
  • CT Scan of the Lungs to use as a baseline
  • Chair Yoga
  • Art Class
  • Several great nurses

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