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It is Summer. Less Hair is Better!

The oncologist is certain that my mom will lose her hair around day 10-14 of the hyper-CVAD treatment.  I have scourged the internet for ways to deal with hair loss, types of wigs and types of head coverings.  My mom and I have talked about this and we will probably cut her hair short before all this happens.  We may consider shaving, but have not had that discussion yet.  The internet is filled with opinions ranging from shaving it all off to leaving it long and letting it fall out at will.

To prepare, I have ordered two beautiful hats that will cover her head.   I have also visited the local Savannah American Cancer Society for support and they gave me a free wig for my mom!  The National American Cancer Society receives wigs from Pantene (the hair products company) and sends them to the local chapters.  It really was a joy to visit the local Savannah American Cancer Society, discuss hair loss and bring home a beautiful wig for my mom.  Thanks, Pantene!  We may also buy wigs one day and have them styled, but for now, it was a huge blessing to have a place to go that understands cancer and was able to empathize while I showed them photos of my mom and we picked a wig together since my mom could not physically be there.  She has said multiple times she doesn’t think she will need a wig and a hat will be fine, but it is better to stay prepared in case she changes her mind.  I have never gone through hair loss so I have no idea how that can feel.

Pictures soon to come.